Sony PSP's weak battery life

Dan Wu
D. Wu|11.03.04

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Dan Wu
November 3rd, 2004

Sony PSP BatteryWe'll give props to Sony for putting a relatively inexpensive removable battery in the PlayStation Portable ($45 each), but the bad news is that you're probably going to need a spare since the power of said battery is reputed to be a bit weak, at only 4 to 6 hours per charge. Now comes news (from Sony Computer Entertainment's head man Ken Kutaragi no less) that when running complex 3D games (read: non-puzzle ones) the PSP mught require even more juice, perhaps even limiting battery life to as little as 2 hours of playtime per charge. Sony says they're working on the issue (of course), and they point out that even the fabled Walkman had a weak initial battery life when it debuted. Not that we're reassured or anything…

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