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Nokia's Lifeblog

Peter Rojas

Our pal Neil McIntosh of the Guardian gets the scoop on Lifeblog Multimedia Diary, which is the rather ungainly name for a new software app that Nokia is going to introduce for its phones later this month at CeBIT:

Lifeblog is a very interesting app: one that pulls multimedia messages, SMS messages, annotations and video files off your Nokia Series 60 mobi, and creates a digital diary, arranged in chronological order. It's a bit like iPhoto for mobile phones (although, ironically, it will appear only for Windows PCs in its first incarnation). You can search through the application on your PC, and deposit favourite messages back on the mobile, all through a very slick interface that works horizontally (rather than vertically like this weblog) and without hierarchy. Lifeblog will work with a range of Series 60 phones yet to be launched (they arrive this summer).

The weird thing is that LifeBlog doesn't publish to the web, which seems like either a gross oversight to us or an indication that Nokia has something even on the way.

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