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Siemens SX1 review

Peter Rojas

siemens sx1

Cellphones running on the Series 60 operating system always seem to be cursed by the worst keypads, and the Siemens SX1, the newest phone to hit store shelves running Nokia's smartphone software, is no exception. It features an impressive list of specs - some are de rigeur for Series 60: a VGA-quality digital camera, tons of memory, a big 176 x 220 screen - but the SX1 also adds stereo output, an FM radio, and a customizable home screen. Even though it's about the same size as other smartphones (Nokia's 6600, Sony Ericsson's P900, etc.), it probably beats all of the others in number of buttons, and sadly suffers from awful button layout. Mobile Burn claims it's ok for texting or other two-handed tasks, but terrible for one-handed uses like dialing. We respectfully disagree. The far row of numbers is difficult to reach during one-handed use, and when you do manage to stretch your thumb over to the other side, you actually wind up blocking the screen from view. Besides which, when is texting is a two-handed task? How is anyone supposed to ride my bicycle and text with two hands? No matter what we're doing, even if we're just standing somewhere, we still tap out text messages with one hand.

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