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The Mini gets Bluetooth

Peter Rojas
mini cooper

In Europe, where phones with Bluetooth are fairly common, cool affordable cars are starting to roll off assembly lines with Bluetooth hands-free kits built-in. In the US, it's a different story. There are only a handful of cars that come with a Bluetooth kit. Sure you can have an aftermarket one installed, but then something winds up sticking out, ruining the clean lines of your ride's dash, no matter how pro the installation is. The Bluetooth Weblog, one of our blog cousins, has good news for all you hipsters craving a new Mini. A press release has just hit the web revealing (as often happens) that the new Mini Coopers will have a hands-free Bluetooth with noise canceling technology. Let's see if Toyota follows suit and sneaks Bluetooth into their Scions (they've already put into the new Prius).

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