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Arima's new smartphone

Peter Rojas

Every company coming out with a cellphone running on Symbian's UIQ operating system seems to have a different approach for dialing. Sony Ericsson uses keypads that flip down, BenQ handsets put it below the screen, and Motorola skips the keypad altogether. Sure you don't need an actual physical keypad with actual buttons to dial a phone, but it's nice to have one, especially when you can you use it to tap out text messages as well. Anyway, now there's yet another approach from Arima. With their new smartphone they put the keypad in a cover that flips all the way over the top to the back of the phone when you need to access the entire screen. Other than the new approach to key placement, Arima's smartphone is simply a tri-band GSM phone running on the UIQ OS with a 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

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