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Two new Palms from palmOne on April 28th

Peter Rojas

Zire 72Zire 31


The word on the street is that palmOne is going to announce two new Palm handhelds on April 28th. Details are still a little sketchy, by they're supposed to be  the Zire 72 (pictured on the left, sorry about the terrible quality, it's the best we could do), an upgraded version of the Zire 71 that'll have 32MB of RAM, built-in Bluetooth, and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera; and the Zire 31 (pictued on the right), a follow-up to the low-end Zire 21 that will feature a color screen (rather than the monochrome the Zire 21 currently sports), 16MB of RAM, and a 200MHz processor.

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