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Mobile Social Networking: Don't I Know You?

Eric Lin

Most urban dwellers use their phones as a way to avoid the people around them. Jabberwocky uses the phone as way to connect with the people you encounter every day (sort of, more on this in a second). It observes the people you pass by and helps you make connections by noting whether you've passed them before. For example: maybe that cute girl on the subway platform looks so familiar because you passed her uptown earlier in the day.

Jabberwocky isn't high technology, it's just a highly advanced Bluetooth stumbler. It works like a Wi-Fi stumbler, logging all the open Bluetooth devices as you pass by, and then watching to see if you pass them again. It sounds really cool except for one problem: In order for Jabberwacky to "see" a person, they have to have a Bluetooth device that is on and broadcasting as discoverable. We would say that this means Jabberwocky will help you discover only other geeks who use Bluetooth, except they they've probably already heard about Bluesnarfing and that you have to keep your Bluetooth status hidden to avoid hacking.

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