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TV-to-cellphone SD card video recorder

Gareth Edwards

Pyramid TV-to-cellphone video recorder

We're amazed they even got anything built with this many cooks stirring the soup, but Japanese firm Solid Alliance, in partnership with Mitsubishi Plastics, Media Ring, and Connect Technologies, has come up with a little pyramidal device that hooks up to your TV and records video in 3GPP format onto an SD or miniSD card for playback on a cellphone. We're sure we've seen an air freshener that looks like this somewhere, but hey, looks aren't everything. Two hours' worth of programming will fit on a 128MB card, and can be played back on any of DoCoMo's recent FOMA phones or a couple of the new Vodafone Japan handsets. You have to love the fact that the specs go so far as to note that the shape is a 1/2000 scale model of Khufu's Pyramid, too. Should be out in Japan in June, and will apparently sell for around Y20,000.

[Via K-Tai Watch (Japanese)]

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