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Handheld MPEG4 video player

Gareth Edwards
mp4 handheld video player

Japanese firm System Talks has a fairly neat, compact-looking mp4 video player coming out on June 1. You can record direct from a TV or from a PC via USB2.0, and there are a variety of storage options including CompactFlash cards, Microdrives of up to 4GB, and a 20GB 1.8-inch hard disk that clips onto the rear. It's also possible to play back mp3s and display JPEG images. The life of the internal lithium-ion battery is a touch disappointing at 2.5 hours using a CF card or 1.5 using a hard drive—it would have been nice to get enough to watch one movie, at least. Price should be around Y35,000, though it looks like the 1.8-inch hard disk attachment will cost you an unspecified amount on top of that.

[Via Ascii24 (Japanese)]

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