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Scamming the scammer

Peter Rojas


A guy selling his Powerbook on eBay realized he was being scammed by a buyer in Europe with a stolen account — the scam being that you send the Powerbook to what you think is a legit escrow service, but is actually in cahoots with the scammer (one of our good friends actually fell for this once!). You send them whatever you're selling, and they just keep it. So he decided to scam the scammer, sending him the P-P-P-Powerbook, in the form of a tricked out plastic three-ring binder, instead. Even better, the seller marked the value of the package at the full price of a Powerbook, so that the scammer had to pay several hundred dollars in import duties just to get customs to release the package. Anyway, it turns out that the seller has been posting updates about his saga to, and several readers started staking out the barbershop/Internet cafe (we weren't aware these existed) that the scammer had the laptop shipped to, reporting back with glee the scammer's befuddlement upon discovering that he'd been had.

[The link is down right now, but MetaFilter has the dish]

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