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Minox's new DD100 digital camera comes with "stainless steel look"

Peter Rojas
Minox DD100

We like the looks of the DD100, Minox's new compact two megapixel digital camera, but we can't tell whether it is really made of stainless steel or not. The company says has a "stainless steel look", but it's a bit hard to decipher (and impossible to tell from the photo) whether this is just a mangled translation from the original German and that its casing really is made of stainless steel, or (and this is far more likely) that it just has that simulated stainless steel that's made of plastic. And not to be totally nitpicky, but the other odd thing in their press release is that it says the camera can only use SD cards up to 128MB in size, a limitation we've yet to see on another digital camera.

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