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Speed reading CeBIT America

Peter Rojas

We're not sure we can be bothered to hit CeBIT America, the not-too-terribly-exciting tech trade show which begins today (apart from the panel we'll be speaking at on Thursday, that is), but we did drop by the Digital Experience media event last night, which is basically a press-only preview that let's you catch all the good stuff without actually having to bother with the show itself. Not that there was much good new stuff at Digital Experience either, but we did get a chance to play with a few of the gadgets on display there. Here are some highlights:

MPx MotorolaMPx Motorola

MPx Motorola
Some snaps of Motorola's MPx, which is more or less this year's Treo 600 — aka the smartphone that's supposed to make all your dreams come true. Dual-hinge thing works as well as we hoped it would, and we were pleased to see that they've improved the keyboard. They haven't said anything official yet, but the Motorola rep said that they're aiming to have this out by September.

N-Gage QD
It wasn't officially being shown, since CeBIT America isn't really a consumer show, but we cajoled Nokia's rep into showing us the N-Gage QD, which is a lot lighter and smaller than we'd anticipated. Should be out next month as scheduled.

Nokia phones
And a bunch of different new Nokia phones, none of which are out here yet (except for the 6820). Starting clockwise from the top left, the one megapixel 7610, the 6620, the 6230, the N-Gage QD, and the 6820.

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