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DoCoMo prepares to supercharge 3G

Gareth Edwards
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It's no secret that 2005 is the year when Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo is planning to boost its 3G FOMA service to far higher speeds than at present, but a report by the government's Telecommunications Council highlights some of the results DoCoMo's getting from real-world tests. 3-4Mbps walking around indoors, 2-8Mbps in a "drive-by test" (love the jargon) in a moving car, and a maximum of 14Mbps if you're standing fairly still outside is the upshot. That all sounds pretty good if you consider that even with a so-called 20Mbps DSL connection at home it's quite possible to end up only getting 2Mbps or so of actual throughput if you're unlucky enough to be a long way from the phone company's switch.

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