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The Diva Gem Bluetooth MP3 player

Peter Rojas
Diva Gem Bluetooth MP3 player

I4U managed to get their hands on Daisy Multimedia's Diva Gem, which is one of a small but growing number of Flash memory based MP3 players (i.e. ones that come with 128MB or 256MB of storage, rather than 20GB) to come with built-in Bluetooth. Like the BoomGear MP820BT we mentioned the other, you can't use it with wireless headphones or wirelessly swap tunes with other players, either. Rather you use the Bluetooth in the Diva Gem with a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone so that you can listen to music on it and then when your phone rings the music is automatically paused so you can take the call, using your (wired) headphones and the player's built-in microphone tou effectively double as a makeshift cellphone headset.

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