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SCOTTeVEST Version Three.0 Spring review

Peter Rojas

Engadget special correspondent Andru Edwards just wrote up a little review for us of SCOTTeVEST's new Version Three.0 Spring gadget jacket. Sounds like he liked it:

SCOTTeVEST Version Three.0 Spring If you're like me then you probably have more gadgets than you do pockets every time you head out the front door. On a typical day I might carry an iPod, PDA, cellphone, and digital camera all in my pockets. Throw in keys, wallet, change, and other items and soon you're left with the choice of which items to squeeze into which pocket. Obviously I can't put the keys in with the iPod, because they'll scratch it. The digital camera is small, but it's still big enough to require its own pocket, so what do you do? 

You get the SCOTTeVEST Version Three.0 Spring. From the looks of it, it is just a normal spring jacket; however, the magic happens on the inside. The Version 3.0 Spring features a whopping 31 pockets, all throughout the coat, enabling you to store all your MP3 players, Discmen, PDA's - even magazines and a laptop! Now that is a lot of storage, and having more pockets than gadgets can only be a good thing.

The jacket even features a Personal Area Network technology (or PAN), which lets you channel your wires through the lining of the jacket in order to connect your various devices. And if that isn't enough, get there's the option of putting solar-powered battery pack in one of the pockets so you can juice up your gadgets while on the go. 

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