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The Engadget Father's Day Gift Guide

Peter Rojas

You've still got a few days left to show just the tiniest bit of respect and gratitude to your pops and buy him a proper gift for Father's Day (remember that sending an e-card doesn't cut it, unless maybe you're still in college), so to help anyone looking for a last minute gift idea the Engadget staff has put together this little Father's Day gift guide.

Exilim EX-P600 CasioMaybe Dad already has a digital camera. But does he have a six megapixel digital camera? Yes? Well, then skip over this recommendation. If you're still with us, six megapixel digital cameras have tumbled in price lately, and even though it be a couple of million more pixels than he really needs, there's no disputing that you'll get better prints with a six megapixel camera than with a three megapixel camera. Assuming you're not willing to throw down big bucks for a digital SLR, you can't really go wrong with Casio's Exilim EX-P600 camera.
Casio Exilim EX-P600

tapwave zodiacIf it were Father's Day 2005 we'd probably be telling you to get him a PlayStation Portable, but it's 2004 and there's nothing we can do about it, so we're recommending Tapwave's Zodiac gaming handheld instead, which is as close as you're gonna get. Better yet, since the Zodiac runs on the Palm operating system, it also doubles as PDA so your dad can use it to both improve and worsen his productivity at work.
Tapwave Zodiac

Dick Tracy WatchFossil's Wrist Net Dick Tracy Watch, a watch with a special radio receiver which connects to Microsoft's wireless MSN Direct network so you can receive instant messages, stock quotes, news flashes, weather, local traffic conditions, and lottery results. The watch itself is a little bigger than it should be (think early Eighties calculator watch), but there are few more discreet ways to check sports scores than with one of these.
Wrist Net Dick Tracy Watch

robomowGive Dad the gift that will make him the envy of the entire neighborhood (or they'll at least fear his new robot army). Put some wires in the yard to set up boundaries and you're good to mow. The new Robomow RL1000 even automagically mowsDad's lawn, he can simply select the day and times he wants the lawn mowed and the RL1000 will do it, day after day and week after week, when it's done it returns to the docking station. Truly the most efficient way to keep your lawn maintained. Sarah Connor not included.
Robot Lawn Mower

grillDad is likely on Atkins or South Beach, so he'll like grilling lower mammal flesh on this grill. We think this is best one out there and it's not just because it's ginormous, but it seems everyone who has one of these swears by it. With a 37-1/2-inch-diameter and 1,104 square inches of cooking area, Dad can literally eat a horse. Comes in any color Dad might like, as long as it's black.
Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle

TaylorMadeDad likes to play golf, he likes to win even more. TaylorMade's R7 Quad driver is the ultimate club for Dad. The r7 allows Dad to adjust the club to fit his swing exactly for multiple conditions. How? Shift over 24 grams of weight around to specific settingswhich gives Dad a combination of spin-rate and launch angle that will allow him to achieve maximum distance and accuracy, just for him.
Taylor Made Driver

Sony RM-VL900

Dads (and the moms who clean up after them) all need a good unified remote control. One that feels good in the hand as he surfs from channel to channel to channel. One that can control a myriad of components one at a time, or all at once with programmable buttons and macros. And finally one with buttons, actual buttons. LCD remotes may look high tech, but the truth is they stink when you're channel surfing or trying to pause the Tivo as you run for the bathroom. So save yourself a little money and buy dad the the Sony RM-VL900. It feels great in the hand, all the controls are placed perfectly (even better than Tivo's remote), and it's totally programmable.
Sony RM-VL900 Remote Control


You might have one of those Dads who always seemed to miss your game-winning play: youcaught a 9th inning pop-fly andguess who's in the corn-dog line again. You know he means well so why don't you get him Bushnell'sInstant Replay 8x32 Digital Binoculars, which can record a 30 seconddigital video loop and replaythe action instantly on an LCD. The binoculars magnify8x and can also capture 2.1 mp digital photos.
Bushnell Instant Replay Digital Binoculars

oj juicerDad loves OJ, not only the white Bronco fleeing kind, but also thecitrusybreakfast drink. So how can he not want Wishingfish'sJust-Rite Citrus Juicer, which contains an electric juicer under its lid along with pulp strainer and serving pitcher.Agreed it is somewhat stylishforPops but maybe a bright orange pop-sculpture is exactly what heneeds in his kitchen.
Just-Rite Juicer

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