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Pixie illuminated control

Pixie controller

Ok, so the Pixie is cute and colorful, but is it really worth $249 for a wall- mounted control panel that only handles power and volume just so you can have something that sorta might go with your original iMac? Granted it can control just about any kind of display, but since most of them have more than just two frequently accessed features, you'd probably find yourself reaching for the remote control anyway. Besides which, wasn't the remote control invented so that people wouldn't have to get up just to change the volume in the first place? Some orange glowing panel isn't going to change that.

Update: We got a (long) clarification from the manufacturers.  It's intended for lecture halls and the like, where it seems they really don't need more functions than power and volume.  Apparently in that market  $249 is a steal.

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