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30X zoom digital camera

Gareth Edwards

30X zoom digicam

Sounds like Kowa Prominar's TD-1 has been through a series of delays almost as long as its lens (it was first announced in March last year), but it's finally coming out in early July in Japan. The main feature—damn, we gave it away in the title—is the 10X-30X zoom lens, enabling you to (for example) photograph the individual M&Ms floating around the cabin of SpaceShipOne while staying right here on the warm surface of the Earth, where there's oxygen. At Y210,000 ($2,000), though, its price is way back up there where the air is thin. 3.14 megapixels, takes SD cards (which probably look even smaller than normal next to its 36-cm long bulk), and weighs 2.3 kg. In no sense whatever is this targeted at introverted Japanese men who show up at PR events involving C-list teenage female entertainers and try to take photos up their skirts.

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