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Little in Japan tonight

Ryan Block, @ryan

PreminiOnce more, NTT DoCoMo (we're beginning to think they should be called DroolSoMo) will be releasing a phone to the Japanese market which makes us half consider dropping our American citizenship—this one holds the record as being the smallest Internet-enabled cell phone in the world (probably for like, 15 minutes).  The Premini is 9cm by 4cm by 2cm, which is almost exactly like talking into a short stack of credit cards.  And for once a manufacturer actually took into account the size of the keys in proportion to the human finger, and addressed the ergonomics issue with a tactile feedback model they call Slopekey.  And what's more, they must have read our earlier post, and gave us all a print-your-own paper model of the thing!  Could it get any better?

[Via JapanToday]

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