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Couple of N-Gage QD reviews

Peter Rojas
N-Gage QD

We sorta miss being able to rag on Nokia's N-Gage gamephone all the time now that they've removed the sidetalkin' from the second version of it, the N-Gage QD. Fortunately both PC Magazine and the Associated Press have reviews of it that offer us just the tiniest glimmer of hope that while the N-Gage QD is better than the original, it still hasn't gotten there quite yet. Yep, the QD is cheaper and has a more conveniently accessible memory card slot, but it's also lost the built-in FM tuner and MP3 player, the one they sell here isn't compatible with overseas GSM cell networks, and it still has a tiny LCD screen that makes it hard to enjoy pretty much any game.

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