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ZyXEL's WiFi phone

Peter Rojas
prestige 2000w

We'd still rather just have a cellphone with WiFi as an option (they're so tantalizingly close to being out), but our old friend Om Malik got his paws on the Prestige 2000W, a WiFi phone from grammatically-challenged ZyXEL that lets you make cheap Voice over IP phone calls from any 802.11b and 802.11g hotspots. It's not exactly easy to set up, but once he got it up and running with his Vonage account Om says he was making phone calls over WiFi just like he could with his regular Vonage line. You didn't hear it from us, but Vonage is actually working on a WiFi phone of their own that'll come pre-configured with their service so you won't have to fiddle with IP addresses and SIP server settings and all that nonsense.

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