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Topfield TF5500PVR review

Ryan Block, @ryan
Topfield TF5500PVR

DigitalReviews has a review of the Topfield TF5500PVR, a satellite DVR with a whole host of high-end features.  It comes out-of-box with a fairly weak 80GB disk (which provides 40 hours of MPEG-2 recording, and can apparently be easily upgraded), but makes up for it with dual tuners, more ports than you can shake a stick at (S-Video, Scart, RF, RCA, USB 2.0, and RS232), picture-in-picture, bookmarking, and even some integrated games (Pac Man, Bomb Hexa and ExBlock). It also plays MP3s, and can also be programmed to cook you breakfast in the morning if you ask it nicely enough.  Is it worth the $880 US pricetag (plus the cost of a new, larger disk)?  We're going to vote: no.

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