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How-To use AOL Instant Messenger to send a Text Message to a phone


This week's how-to was inspired by a post over on regarding sending a SMS from AOL's Instant Messenger. We thought we'd show you how to do this on a Mac or PC with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). This will also work with the Linux version of AIM, we didn't have time to test on our Xandros box- but there's not reason it wouldn't work. Why would you want to send Text Messages to your phone, or someone else's phone? Well, since this came out we've been doing this for just about everything. Need to remember an address? IM it to your phone, need directions, grocery list, whatever, if you use IM all day popping off a SMS to yourself is super easy, also if you IM/SMS to someone they can actually reply back, the AIM system keeps track of the IMer and IM/SMSee.

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