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Epson PhotoPC L-410


epson 410
Another digital camera press release, this time by Epson. They're coming out with the PhotoPC L-410, a four megapixel, 3x optical and 3x digital zoom that "makes taking and printing photos fun and easy." Gee, thanks guys. We were certainly waiting for a generic-looking digi to take care of that for us. Especially since it has PRINT Image Framer, which can adds cutesy frames to your images. At least you have the option of making your own though. It's also got Direct Print so no computer is necessary. 16MB of onboard memory, support for SD cards up to 512MB, a rechargeable battery and optional ac adapter round out a stingy-side-of-average package. For $399 you think they could have just thrown in the adapter and called it a day.

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