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AT&T Wireless introduces 3G wireless

Peter Rojas
Nokia 6651

Yep, the rumors were true: AT&T Wireless officially announced their new 3G cellphone service just over an hour ago, confirming that they're using UMTS, or W-CDMA, for the network. If you live in San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, or Phoenix  you'll be to get download speeds of up to 320 Kbps on your cellphone (or laptop via a wireless card), which is more or less like being able to carry a slow DSL connection in your pocket. The only thing really like it in the States is Verizon's EV-DO service, which is limited to just San Diego and Washington, D.C. right now; AT&T says they'll expand to San Diego and Dallas before the end of the year. Crazy enough, they're only charging $25 a month for unlimited data access. (Pictured at right, the Nokia 6651, one of the first phones compatible with their new 3G network).

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