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Duke University buys thousands of rich kids iPods

Ryan Block, @ryan
4G iPod

Apparently the entire incoming freshman class of Duke University is going to receive an iPod for free from the school. You'd think that the university would want to spend the money on making textbooks, which are a legitimate hardship for lots of students, more affordable or even free, but it's hard attracting applicants with the promise of free books. Apparently the $500,000 promotion, er, initiative, provides iPods for recording lectures, language lessons, and audio books, and will also enable students to download information through the Duke web site's iTunes Music Store knockoff. Which is helpful because students couldn't do any of that before the iPod (except for the ITMS part). Future Nobel Laureate and Duke freshman Mollie Tucker of Raleigh said of the idea, "Whoa! It sounds like a good idea. It sounds really cool." Uh, yeah.

[Via BoingBoing]

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