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New Limited Edition iDen Phones Coming From Moto

Eric Lin

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Thanks to a hot tip (wink wink) we learned about this - the Limited Edition Phat Farm i860. Instead of just pasting a Phat Farm badge on a regular i860, this one is actually a different model. Phat Farm trades in the regular i860's thin form factor for a bulbous lid in order to pack what looks like an SD card slot and an IR port into the top. The PF i860 also trades in a simple logo badge for a striped bezel around the external display with a very Sean John-esque logo. The striped theme also appears inside around the main screen as well.


This phone is fresh enough, but we've discovered there are even more limited editions coming from Motorola - all based on the i830. There will be two styles of i833 - the familar flat rectangle will get two limited editions - another Russell Simmons model, this one in pink for his girls "Baby Phat" brand, and a heart-shaped logo covered Roxy model as well. The guys will all be drooling over the other i833 - the curvey Pininfarina - as in Ferrari Pininfarina. The Ferrari model has sexier shape and a different external display, but is still an i830 at heart. Nextel will probably sell all these models through Boost, not through the more corporate Nextel brand.

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