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Live from DefCon: The Sniper Yagi

Peter Rojas
Sniper Yagi

Josh is at DefCon this weekend and sends back his first report on what he's found there:

What looks like an M-16 with a huge silencer instead of a barrel? The Sniper Yagi, of course. As likely to get you thrown in jail as logged onto a WiFi network, the Sniper Yagi replaces the barrel and firing mechanism with a 14.6 dBi yagi antenna and can get you online at up to ten miles — assuming your aim is good (playing lots of SilentScope helps). With dual Sony-Camcorder batteries this thing will lasts for up to eight hours, but really it's all about using a crazy looking gun to get online. A full How-To will be available, but if you get busted don't come crying to us.

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