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There's a new search engine on the block, It has some cool Google-like features, and there's a nice one for gadget folks that caught our eye and that we hope all search engines will adopt. It's called a "Search Relay":

Email a Search

This is for PDA users in particular and is unique to It's a pain in the butt to go to a search site,  whether it's icerocket, Google, Yahoo, or wherever and input a search term. However, most PDAs are very email efficient. So we have created a "Search Relay". All you have to do is send an email with the search terms as the subject to and it will return the results to you via email. You can do the same with or

We tried this (pictured above) and it worked nicely.

On a side note, could all the search engines please make some AIM bots, so we can add a "Search Buddy" to our AIM list? We use Instant Messaging more than anything else, so how about it? We have ones on IRC already.

P.S. - There are sites offering "Google by Email", but it's being done by third-parties, not by Google themselves.

[via BlogMaverick]

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