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Wanna unDRM those iTunes? Use iMovie

Peter Rojas
4G ipod

Apple may be playing a cat-and-mouse game trying to shut down Hymn, but supposedly there's an easier way to strip out the FairPlay digital rights management copy protections that Apple puts into songs purchased from their iTunes Music Store, and it doesn't require installing any sketchy semi-legal software either. We haven't tried this out yet ourselves (we don't have a Mac on hand at the moment), but apparently Apple already gives every Mac owner everything they need in the form of their iMovie software. reports that you can use iMovie's "Share" feature to export any song downloaded from the iTunes Music Store and save it as an unprotected AAC or WAV file. Anyone tried this out yet?

UPDATE: This doesn't actually strip out the DRM, it just re-encodes the files, something which is considerably less exciting (and results in a loss of sound quality). Anyway…

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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