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Usher: secret gadget nerd?

Peter Rojas

Has Usher been reading Engadget? It's about five years late, but the R&B singer is cashing in all this Internet-mania with a gadgety new song called "Dot Com". These are some of the actual, no foolin' lyrics:

oooo i love the way ya dirty type
i can take you home
oooo i need your backspace in my life
thank god you don't have a flatscreen

please baby i got to see you
i really want to please you
so get on my laptop so i can download
online…i love the way you log on
we can do it all night
i'll make you dot com
baby if you sign on
i'm gon make ya light up
oo baby if you log on
i'll make you dot com

i wanted to linger with you baby at first sight
you i get to use my f keys
i can't wait to give you megabites
i got other memory you need
let ma fingers do the talking

Why do we have the feeling that if it were us singing these words it wouldn't have quite the same effect?

[Via Waxy]

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