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The Kyocera K9 enters MTV's popularity contest

Heather Sparks

Virgin MobileKids these days. With all their chat rooms, rampant texting, kiddie websites, and WiFi content, marketing to these fledgling gadget-status seekers is like shooting fish in a bucket. To cash in (again and again), Virgin, MTV, and Kyocera are offering a host of catchily marketed "Live Without a Plan," pay-as-you-go cellphones with minor feature differences to encourage constant upgrades. For instance, the newest model, the K9, is much like the recently-released V5. Both offer superphonic ring tones (they sound like actual music), "rescue rings" (like when you need to escape some unfortunate situation), a flashlight, and "exclusive" MTV content. But on top of all the TRL-appreciation both phones will encourage, the K9 also features sarcasm-instilling content from Comedy Central. Unfortunately for the kiddies, the K9 does not have the slide design of the V5. Maybe next time.

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