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Watch this Wednesday: The FitSense Fitness Watch


fitsense fitness watch

Last week on "Watch this Wednesday" we showed you the Garmin ForeRunner 201 GPS watch for running, and if you've seen our how-to you know by now how it could also be used to make GPS maps of where you've been runing.

Keeping with the fitness theme, this week we bring you the FitSense fitness watch.

What it is: The watch, along with heart rate monitor and foot pad sensor tracks speed, distance, and heart rate simultaneously with over 98% accuracy.

Why we like it: While we have a GPS watch for running, it doesn't do heart rate or work on a treadmill indoors, and the FitSense does both.

Where to get it and how much: You can get the set up we have here (Watch, Foot pad and heart rate monitor) for $174. Check out their site for other packages.

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