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Did Apple blow it with the new iMac?

Peter Rojas
iMac G5

Knowingly courting the ire of Apple fan base by publicly dissing the new iMac (we're almost afraid to cross them these days, lest we wake up some morning beside the dismembered remains of a PC), senior Forrester Research analyst Paul Jackson says that Apple blew a big opportunity to move ahead of the rest of the industry. How? By not including WiFi as a standard feature (it is available as an option) or a TV tuner card so you can use the new iMac (which you gotta admit would make a great wall-mounted flat-screen TV) as a digital video recorder. Either would have made the iMac even more attractive than it already is (especially since having to add an external TV tuner does sort of mess with the aesthetics), but they might not see the need to add those features since the iMac is meant to be more of an entry-level Mac aimed at students and families rather than power users and early adopters. But here's our pet theory/secret dream: they didn't include those features because they don't want the iMac to cannibalize sales of an even nicer media center Mac they have in the works.

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