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BlueDock, removing the "pocket" from PocketPC


bluedockTrying to cash in on those not willing buy a proper pocket-sized portable computer like the OQO, the BlueDock is a docking station for various PocketPCs. It's got changeable docking slots, an Ethernet port, USB (doesn't say if it's 2.0 so that probably means not), SVGA 800x600 monitor out, and a SD memory card slot. The idea is that you can ditch your laptop and use your Pocket PC like a regular PC, with a regular monitor, keyboard, and mouse when you're in the office. WHich is all very interesting (maybe even brushing the upper borders of interesting and coming up on nifty), but no matter what trendy colors they use in the name it's hard to see how they're going to convince people to completely eliminate their laptops and use a PocketPC as their "primary computing platform".

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