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Atari Flashback: "It's a time machine. You go back to your childhood and you play."

Ryan Block

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Atari FlashbackSeems Atari is taking a lead from Namco, and has begun a serious wave of retro-gaming re-releases. First they're going to be selling 85 games bundled as the Atari Anthology for Xbox and PS2 for $20—not a bad price! (Shh! No one tell them about emulators!) But we're really amped on is the Flashback, which is a 7800-style box with two joystiqs (pardon our spelling) and 20 integrated games—including an unreleased title, Saboteur—for $45. Not the most killer deal by comparison, but either way they get the +15 nostalgia points, and thus, props.

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