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The New York Times schools us on retro tech

retro cellphone

As usual the New York Times explains a trend just around the time it's finally dribbled down to Hot Topic shoppers. Hmmm, retro gadgets!? Kids are doing the darndest things these days. We do like the guy who bought and actually carries around the brick-sized Motorolla DynaTac phone, which is almost as nice as the Saved By the Bell Zach Morris cellphone we found on eBay. The article also includes those Pokia's handsets that everyone was loving a couple months ago, along with people who buy the old NES Systems and Atari 2600s (guilty), and two precocious kids (15 and 16!) who started the company Facade Computer to put new computers in vintage casings. If those teenagers aren't the sons of insanely wealthy programmers then we're going to start feeling real bad about our high school years spent watching 120 Minutes—how's that for nostalgia?

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