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They not spinnin': ads on taxi cab hubcaps

Peter Rojas
Taxi hub cap ads

They (you know who we're talking about) have managed to find another place to put advertising: on the hubcaps of the taxi cabs. Not sure how you calculate a CPM for something that'll you'd think would spend most of its time spinning so fast no one'll be able to tell what it is you're trying to shill, but the covers are supposedly mounted in way that they'll remain still while driving. Either way, Virgin Cola and Taco Bell have already had their messages affixed to hubcaps on taxis in LA, and Ad Fleet, the company that started the program, is also talking to New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission about adding them to cabs here. Oh, and they're also planning bigger hubcap covers that'll fit on city buses, so there really won't be any escape.

[Via Gothamist]

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