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We know etiquette dictates that when someone buys you a drink, you buy em one back, but we've always been a fan of the "yeah, I'll get the next round" trick, followed by the swift disappearing act into the crowded pub. But in London the beer exchange is getting all texty (well for one company), so you'll now be able to send a friend a drink voucher over the phone with The site uses Corney and Barrows bars, which with 11 in the greater London area you probably won't have too much of a problem stumbling into one sooner or later. You can buy a SMS-voucher ranging from a $200 Dom Perignon to a $5 Kirin, and the receiver of the voucher just shows the bar staff the cellphone SMS message (what happens if they forward the text to someone else?). We just hope that service doesn't take up a drink reminder service so when we stiff our English friends we'll receive an SMS-IOU.       


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