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Rio Carbon Microdrive Extraction

Dan Wu

Rio Carbon Opened UpHackers have been having a field day ever since crafty, budget-conscious digicam users realized that ripping the high capacity microdrives out of MP3 players (see our MuVo2 story) was cheaper than simply buying them outright. The Rio Carbon is the latest victim, and Greg Hughes has a write-up on how he extracted the 5GB Seagate ST1 Microdrive buried within. The whopper is that he actually got it working on his Nikon D70 and now has the capacity for over 1300 pictures taken at full 6 megapixel resolution. Just do the math: the Rio Carbon retails for $249, whereas 4GB microdrives are still around the $350 mark when sold by themselves (Rio must get a helluva discount).

[Via Slashdot]

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