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Hacking the Evolution 2000 bike lock with a Bic pen: Kryptonite responds

Kryptonite Evolution 2000

Engadget reader Chester Bullock decided to toss Kryptonite the link and video we posted about picking their Evolution 2000's lock with a plain ol' Bic pen. And we can't say it wasn't a good idea, but what we were hoping for was something a little more drastic than just being slightly less than amused, and plugging a bunch of new products. Click to see their response in full.

Kryptonite?s response:    

We understand there are concerns regarding tubular cylinders used in some Kryptonite locks.  The tubular cylinder, a standard industry-wide design, has been successfully used for more than 30 years in our products and other security applications without significant issues.

The current Kryptonite locks based on a tubular cylinder design continue to present an effective deterrent to theft.  As part of our continuing commitment to produce performance and improved security, Kryptonite has been developing a disc-style cylinder for some years.  In 2000, Kryptonite introduced the disc-style cylinder in its premier line of products, the New York series.  In 2002, Kryptonite began development of a new disc cylinder system for both its Evolution and KryptoLok product lines, which currently use the tubular cylinder design.  These products are scheduled to be introduced in the next few weeks.

We are accelerating the delivery of the new disc cylinder locks and we will communicate directly with our distributors, dealers and consumers within the coming days.  The world just got tougher and so did our locks.

We?ve spent over $100 on these types of locks for our bicycles, and hearing ?the world just got tougher and so did our locks?, kinda got us a little miffed. The world didn?t get tougher, it got Bic pens, blogs and your locks got opened. One of the marketing tactics Kryptonite uses is their ?Kryptonite Insurance?; if your stuff gets stolen and the lock is compromised, they?ll pay for it?provided you registered the lock, your bike, etc. Will they do this with the Bic pen trick? We called up and they said ?most likely?, but advised us they?re working to resolve this, likely with a new lock that they?ll be releasing details on that soon. So we?re hoping the upshot is that next lock will take at least a slide ruler and a paper clip to open.

P.S. Yes, the water in the vase of flowers in the video needs to be changed, we?re on it.

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