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Norwegian prison cellphone ban

cellphone prison

We knew Norway was kind of like the world's Nader (except for the part about spoiling elections), but we were a little bit suprised to learn their idea of justice denied. The Norwegian government is now suggesting a possible ban on cellphones in Norway's prisons, and Norwegians (well, the lawyers there) are nonplussed. It's big news, except for the even bigger news (to us, at least) that up until this point it was perfectly legal for prisoners to have their own cellphones (reminds us how Sweden finally cracked and banned PlayStations from their prisons—we must remember to launch our next crime spree in Scandinavia). Maybe they didn't realize that the most of the rest of the world already made the seemingly obvious step of outlawing prison cellphones outright, but smuggled cellphone-related prison break stories have been flooding the news for the past couple of years now.

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