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We smell a trend: the PetsCell cellphone for dogs

Peter Rojas

Especially handy since you'll finally be able to call up your dog and let them know you're going to be a few minutes late meeting them for sushi at Masa, PetsMobility have a new cellphone for animals out called the PetsCell that you attach to one of their paws and that automatically answers when you call them up (because obviously the idea of a dog being able to answer a phone themselves is crazy). They do offer an optional GPS module in case you want to track your dog's whereabouts, but if you trust them enough to give them a cellphone, wouldn't you want to respect their privacy, too? (Bet you thought we were joking about this whole thing about gadget manufacturers going after the animal market—as far as we're concerned, two stories about this in one day officially constitutes an incontrovertible trend.)

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