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Canon's turn: the EOS-1Ds Mark II digital SLR, the PowerShot SD20, the PowerShot SD200, and the PowerShot SD300

Peter Rojas

Alright, rounding things out, Canon dropped four new cameras on us today, including that EOS-1Ds Mark digital SLR that we speculated about yesterday, the PowerShot SD20, the PowerShot SD200, and the PowerShot SD300. Here's the dirt on each of them:

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Just like everyone expected, the EOS-1Ds Mark II is Canon's 16.7 megapixel follow-up to the EOS-1Ds, which bumps up the megapixel count by nearly six million and sports faster continuous shooting of 4 fps. Other upside: a new 802.11g attachment so you can wireless beam your photos back to a PC over a WiFi network (yep, Nikon has one of those, too).
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Canon PowerShot SD20
Canon's smallest five megapixel digital camera, the PowerShot SD20 will come in four different colors (they even have faux impressive-sounding names like Platinum Silver, Midnight Blue, Bordeaux Red and Storm Grey) and is really small and all that, but they cut one big corner to get there: no optical zoom lens.
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Canon PowerShot SD300
Except for the difference in resolution, the threemegapixel PowerShot SD200 and the four megapixel PowerShot SD300 (pictured above) are essentially the same camera. Both have a 3x optical zoom lens and are just eight-tenths of an inch thick.
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