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Laser beams and flashlights for your iPod



Griffin hasn't posted this to their main site yet, but we saw it in their product section. Whoopsie! Here we were, about to do a How-To on adding a laser beam and flashlight to your iPod, and then we get link slapped with Griffin announcing this thing: the iBeam. Damn you Griffin (we mean that in the kindest way possible, of course)! The Griffin iBeam set consists of a flashlight and a class IIIA laser pointer, each with a protective cap that can be attached to a keychain.

We have a laser and flashlight for a Sony Ericsson P900, and it's been more than handy when trying to plug stuff in and needing illumination behind computers and TVs and such—and as always lasers are a lot of fun to mess around with your (real) house pets.

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