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Aston Martin DB9 engines get neural network

Ryan Block, @ryan
Aston Martin DB9

We hope only cars get smarter than their masters right quick so we have less middle-finger interactions with the seemingly infinite supply of road-idiots out there—anything to take the pain out of getting from point A to point B is good news right proper. Aston Martin taken it upon themselves to add the first adaptive neural network to their DB9's V-12 engines to prevent misfiring, which is apparently rather common in those kinds of cars. (Come on now, we really know it's actually a distributed computing project to discover the meaning of life.) The system listens to the noise the engine makes, and if everything sounds alright, you'll never even notice the system kicking in—unless things are going seriously wrong and some of the cylinders go into shutdown mode. Either way, we're sure 007 (Sean Connery only, if you please) would approve.

[Via The Inquirer]

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