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More on the Nokia 7710

Peter Rojas
Nokia 7710

Ok, from the looks of it this is way less of a Sidekick competitor than we'd originally thought (or hoped), but another, even better pic has leaked out of Nokia's new 7710 cellphone. Just like its predecessor, the 7700 (which never actually saw the light of day), there is no keyboard or keypad to be found, and while we've heard that no sidetalkin' will be required, you'll probably want to pair this sucker up with a Bluetooth headset rather than press your (oily) face against its large LCD screen. The 7700 never made it off the ground for a variety of reasons, but it did sport a passing resemblance to a stormtrooper helmet, and have some fully rad specs: a huge 640x320 pixel touchscreen, a built-in FM tuner that worked with Nokia's new Visual Radio service, an MP3 player, and the ability to stream video off of the web. It was also supposed to be the first handset to run on the new multimedia-centric Series 90 operating system and we'd be surprised if the 7710 didn't share most of those traits. And just to be clear, none of this has been officially confirmed by Nokia and we don't know how much it'll cost or when we might expect to see it properly announced.

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