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Pain Ray, no fun but fun to say

ray gun

You know the Pentagon has been mining old sci-fi flicks when the good old ray gun shows up as the latest Iraq-intended weapon of the day. (full disclosure: the cartoon image is not the real Raytheon product). We understand that these non-lethal weapons are supposed to be the nice version to putting a bullet in you're opponent, but do they all have to be so disturbing? Raytheon's Pain Ray shoots an invisible beam of energy that burns the skin, they say like touching a light-bulb all over your body. That might sound all warm and fuzzy, but it's probably more like falling on a searing hot grill. We're thinking that the Pain Ray probably won't turn Fallujah into an American-loving Wal-Mart haven, but could really piss off a lot more peeps who don't appreciate the kitsch factor of the ray gun.

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