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redcare auto-txt Bluetooth/GPS car tracking security system


redcare auto-txt
Featuring a h@x0r-friendly name, the new redcare auto-txt automotive security system is practically begging those h@x0rs to h@x0r this technology to death. Utilizing both Bluetooth and GPS (why they didn't go for the obvious and name it "bluecare auto-txt" we don't know), this system from BT Technologies in the UK requires drivers to enter a PIN code via a Bluetooth device in order to start the car, and upon exiting the car the system is automatically armed.  If a car is found to have been stolen (or otherwise tampered with), it can be remotely tracked and disabled via GPS from a "Secure Operations Center" that is monitored by the police.  It's only available in the EU, but we're pretty sure someone, somewhere is trying to figure out how to disable the Bluetooth on unsuspecting autophiles' luxury cellphones as we write this. This is going to make parking lot surfing a whole new, fun game for anyone who has grown weary of getting their kicks from Bluesnarfing.

[Via Blueserker]

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