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The lock and windshield de-icer for the months to come

Ryan Block, @ryan
Lock de-icer

If you're one of our West Coast readers you can move on to the next post (if there is one), but if you're representin' the east side (or the midwest side) check it out: don't you totally hate it when you're standing on that slippery iced sidewalk in the dead of winter and your car lock is all frozen up and your windshield is iced like a cake? Us too (gotta take care of our fleet of Engadget Hummers!), so we're into this, er, thing. The little guy's a AAA-powered lock de-icer so you melt your way inside your car, and its big brother plugs into your car lighter once you're in so you can melt-scrape that ice straight off. No more sidewalk frostbite for you!

[Via bookofjoe]

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